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For an honest, fair, and responsive local A/C company, contact Sandium today! We are the complete home performance experts in the South Bay area. Whatever heating and cooling needs you require, our highly-trained, professional service technicians can quickly and efficiently bring your home or office back to comfortable temperatures as soon as possible. We understand the Bay Area AC repair needs, and can repair, replace or install any brand or model of HVAC unit on the market. We treat our customers like family and it shows! Call us today and be on your way to perfect climate control.



Have you been looking for HVAC Contractors? No matter what problem you’re facing, come to the South Bay HVAC experts – Sandium! We have been repairing and replacing HVAC systems in the South Bay area of California for many years. Your heating, cooling and ventilation needs can all be met by our extraordinary staff of qualified, friendly, and knowledgeable HVAC professionals. We offer maintenance plans (to get the most out of your heating and cooling equipment) as well as ways to make your home or office more energy efficient. If you think you’re in need of an HVAC contractor in California, or are looking to save money on your next AC bill, contact the experts at Sandium today!

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An air conditioner is an essential equipment that should be in every home during the summer. By installing an air-conditioner, you will be able to stay with more comfort inside your house. If you already have an air-conditioner, then it is better to go for a new one because the technology has developed a lot and the latest air conditioners have many advanced features to give the maximum satisfaction to the user.
In addition to the temperature control, today’s air conditioners are capable of controlling the humidity in the air. The silent operations of the new air-conditioners are convenient for the people living inside and they are better than the normal fans specially when sleeping. The old air conditioners emit pollutants to the air and you should try to get it repaired or go for a new one if you can afford.

If you are interested in having an air conditioner in your place, always go for a professional company who deliver quality products. If you are living around California, you are lucky enough to get our assistance. We have an experienced team to help your with a smooth air-condition installation. If you are looking for a customized air conditioner, our team will look into your matter and assist you accordingly. We use the best quality products in our services and we offer a five year warranty period to all of them.

If you have issues with your current air conditioner, then you can give Sandium a call and we will be there for your assistance in no time. We are considered as the best air condition supply provider in the South Bay area.

Sandium's A/C rates are the best rates among the air condition installation and repair companies and they are affordable to anyone. We think about the quality of our work and they are certainly worth for the price you pay. We have gained a lot of customer satisfaction throughout the following years by providing an excellent service to our clients. Because of that, we were able to 3 awards in a raw including the 2012 Presidents award.

Feel free to go ahead and dial 408-894-9072 to reach us and we will let you feel the best air conditioning experience that you had in your life.