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Sandium takes a unique approach to addressing the needs of the heating systems in the city’s businesses and homes, setting ourselves apart from the competition. When customers choose us for Mountain View furnace services, they get a greater value, due to our comprehensive approach in maintaining, repairing, and updating your system. For every service call, we take the approach of ensuring your entire system is in the proper working order, including your heating and cooling system, the functionality and layout of your ductwork, and the indoor and outdoor components. Here at Sandium, we make it our goal to provide the services necessary to ensure that every customer has clean and comfortable air all year long, without losing energy efficiency. When our customers are looking to upgrade, we work hard to help them get the most out of their time and money by using the finest products and design capabilities. To learn more about our heating services in Mountain View, contact us today!



Sandium is the best Mountain View heater repair Contractor because we adhere to the strictest industry standards. When customers choose us, they get the benefit of superior services and skills, because we make it a priority to always be up to date on the latest technological advancements for furnace repair. When you first suspect something might be wrong with your heating system, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of professionals who are standing by, ready to provide our customers with expert advice, will work through the problem and troubleshoot the issue, and make sure you get the services you are in need of. All of Sandium’s technicians are NATE certified, so customers can be assured that they have met the strictest industry standards, and possess the necessary proficiency, craftsmanship, and knowledge to solve any problem you experience with your heating system. You can breathe a little bit easier knowing Sandium is on your side!

We hired Sandium to install new AC and replace the furnace and ductwork in our house. They were extremely professional through the entire process. We had several other companies come out to do estimates, and Sandium gave us a very competitive price; in one case it was $6,000, or 1/3 less for more or less for the exact same thing! I really appreciated that Tyler did not try to up-sell us, he just gave us choices and information and encouraged us to do what was best for our needs and our budget.

A B.

Additionally, Tyler was far more thorough than any of the other estimators in his examination of our residence. Once the work started, we appreciated how courteous Jesus (Chava), Jaime, and Oscar were. Chava made a point of working through all the major decisions with us, which was super important to my engineer husband. Their high level of professionalism was best shown when something went wrong, as can happen during construction. One of the crew dropped his drill and it cracked our sink. The crew member personally apologized and Sandium quickly replaced our sink without any hassle, ending up better in terms of workmanship than it was when we bought the house. In addition, they helped us submit our Energy Rebate without any hassle, which some of the other companies we consulted with were not willing to do.