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How old is your furnace? If it is 10-15 years old, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Over the years, heating and cooling systems become more and more susceptible to wear and tear and become less energy efficient with time. If you haven’t had your system maintained frequently enough by an HVAC expert, its lifespan may have been minimized even further. We have a team of skilled technicians, waiting to take your call and provide you with maintenance, repair, and/orfurnace installation in Cupertino CA. If you are wondering when is it time to replace your furnace, contact the experts at Sandium today and we will help determine the ideal solution for you!



When you choose Sandium, you get the services of a company that approaches the entire home, in terms of air quality and comfort. We provide high quality products and options for your San Jose heating installation, that will ultimately benefit your entire house or business. When we take on a new furnace install, we evaluate the entire home, including the heating and cooling units, the indoor and outdoor aspects of the system, and the design and output of the ductwork. Our goal is to make your home as healthy, energy efficient, and comfortable as possible. If you are looking for furnace heater replacement in San Jose, CA, contact Sandium today!


For unparalleled San Jose furnace replacement services, Sandium is the solution! Our team of experts sets up apart from the competition, and can find the system and equipment that will work best for your home or office. All of our technicians are NATE certified, which means they have met the strictest industry standards and possess the skill set and knowledge to install your furnace quickly and professionally. We will provide you with a new system that is meant to function efficiently and effectively in order to produce the most comfortable, clean air. When you are in need of heating system installation San Jose, contact your local expert, Sandium!

Sandium installed AC in our new house. I worked with Tyler for this job. They installed two units (one for each floor) and the house was already pre-wired with forced air. They did a great job customizing units that would work for our house. The install went well and the team did a good job cleaning up afterwards. Everything works great and they scheduled permits as well! They also didn't charge me for a little extra work that they did installing some dampers. Overall, we were very satisfied with the job.

Chris L.

Also, in our old house, Sandium serviced our furnace / AC for about 3-4 years. They fixed a leak that was causing coolant to leak one time. They performed regular service and always did a good job. Also, there was once incident where another company tried to get us to replace something with the furnace and said it wasn't working. This company actually unplugged the ignition thing so the furnace wouldn't turn on. Then this company claimed our coils needed to be replaced and were trying to charge us over $6,000. We got Sandium to give a second opinion. Sandium told us the coils were fine, and they re-hooked up the ignition thing so the furnace would turn on and told us not to replace anything. They said the coils would be good for another few years at least. So bottom line, Sandium is trustworthy and does a good job. Be careful who you hire because not all companies are honest.