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Customers choose us for Saratoga heater services because we take the approach of addressing and improving the entire system’s functioning and efficiency, rather than just surface level issues, unlike the competition. For system upgrades, we will work with you to find the ideal solution with our high quality products and design capabilities. Our goal is to provide our customers with the necessary services so their system provides clean and comfortable air throughout the year, while maintaining energy efficiency. In order to do so, the entire system’s capabilities and effectiveness must be evaluated and addressed, if necessary. We will take a look at the heating and cooling units, the ductwork layout and efficiency, and the indoor and outdoor components of the unit. Contact us for exceptional maintenance, repair, and installation services for your heating system!

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When seeking services for Saratoga heater repair, choose Sandium, the company that strives to improve industry standards! All of Sandium’s technicians are NATE certified, which means you can be assured you are receiving the highest quality services, because the technicians possess superior knowledge, craftsmanship, and proficiency. At the first sign of an issue with your unit, contact Sandium to speak with our team of experts, who will troubleshoot the problem, and provide you with the necessary advice and recommended services to get you back on your feet. It is our priority to provide our customers with unparalleled customer service, which is why we strive to stay up to date on the latest advancements and technology in the heater repair industry. Find out why Saratoga’s residents choose us and contact Sandium today!

I had Sandium install a new furnace and re-pipe the air ducts of my home during summer time in 2013. By February 2014 I have seen significant reduction in energy consumption. Their workmanship was meticulous. They watched every detail. I also signed up the energy audit program by paying a minimum cost I got $2000 rebate from PG&E. Plus it gave me peace of mind that Sandium's workmanship indeed reduced energy leakage significantly. Also Sandium helped me applied the BayREN Santa Clara county energy rebate. I even paid city to inspect the new furnace and the inspector also commended their workmanship.

L L.