A Comfortable Home

Heating & Air Condition

Humans are extremely adaptable.  Due to this, we can get used to virtually anything and we sometimes get used to problems in our home that could easily be changed to make our homes more comfortable.

Take the following test to evaluate your home:

  • Do you know your furnace is running because you can hear it?
  • Do you turn up the sound on your television because you air conditioner is on?
  • Do you notice a musty smell when your furnace turns on?
  • Do you sneeze at home?
  • Have you ever noticed a blast of cold air coming from your ducts before you furnace starts?
  • Do you feel better in your home or outside?
  • Does your furnace or air conditioner turn on and off because it heat or cools your house too quickly?

Sandium designs heating and cooling systems that will make your home comfortable and you may not even notice the system is running. This is the way it should be!