Too Hot? Too Cold?

Your home should never be uncomfortable.

Uneven heating and cooling is one of the most common complaints we hear about. This is a particular problem in two-story homes where the second floor is too hot and the first floor is too cool. Uneven comfort also creates energy waste because homeowners try to compensate by using more energy to heat and cool their problems away, which results in sky-high energy bills.

Our whole-house comfort analysis will pinpoint the reasons why your home is uncomfortable. We are experts at uncovering the cause and providing solutions to uneven heating and cooling problems.

  • Are the ducts too long, too small, or leaky?
  • Is the duct system designed for optimal air flow?
  • Are the registers sized properly for the heating and cooling needs of each room?
  • Is the furnace or air conditioner too big or too small?
  • Could simple insulation upgrades be a more cost effective solution?
  • Is a booster fan required?
  • Is the thermostat in the wrong location?
  • Are the return air ducts sized optimally and located for proper airflow?
  • Is the system designed with sufficient air velocity to provide for proper air mixing?
  • Should dampers be installed or adjusted to provide for better system balancing?

We may recommend zoned heating and cooling solutions so that every room can have its own thermostat. We may also recommend upgrading your equipment to support variable speed motors that can deliver just the right amount heating and cooling, exactly when you need it.

Sometimes the solution could be a ductless heating or cooling system that can provide quiet and energy efficient heating and cooling, just where you need it.

For new systems, Sandium's installation technicians are experts at designing complete comfort systems that will make every part of your home cozy, comfortable, and energy efficient.