Mini-Split Ductless

Mini-Split Ductless with Eichler Homes

We’re proud to work with Eichler Homes to provide seamless, comfortable heating and cooling mini-splits for California residents. Our quiet, compact, and energy efficient systems are designed for room-by-room temperature control and add just the right amount of indoor air comfort. When you build with Eichler Homes, you can experience the benefits of a mini-split system along with their superior home build craftsmanship.

For more information about Eichler Homes and mini-split ductless systems, see the following article: The Cool Concept Behind Mini-split HVAC

Duct Free Heating & Cooling Quiet & Comfortable & Energy Saving

Ductless heating and cooling systems are a terrific solution for add-on heating for homes that never had a ducted system, such as a homes with radiant heating, gravity furnace, wall furnace, or electric baseboard heating.  These systems are designed to be small and fit into spaces that could otherwise not be effectively heated and cooled.  They are called ductless, because no traditional air ducts are used.

Mini splits are just starting to get popular in the United States, although they have been extremely popular in Japan for many years.  Because of Japan's higher energy prices and smaller homes it is no surprise that mini splits have been popular because of their energy efficiency and quiet performance.


These unique products are called mini-splits because they’re split into two small halves. The inside half is called the “air handler” can be hung on the wall, hidden behind a picture, or recessed into the ceiling.  The outside half sits just outside your home.

Mini split systems are a versatile solution for adding heating and cooling for parts of the home where you need a little extra comfort.  When added to an existing central heating/cooling system, a mini-split can save even more energy because you can use it to heat just a portion of your home, and not run your main system.

Because mini-spit systems do not have ducts, homeowners never have to worry about dirty or leaky ducts.

A mini split needs to be sized properly to provide optimal, energy efficient performance.  All units installed by Sandium are sized properly and supported by Sandium’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.   For art lovers, we even have a minisplit that is so small it hides behind a painting that hangs on your wall.  All you see is the art, but you will feel cool – or warm – when you need to!

Ductless Mini-splits are a great replacement for a noisy window air conditioner or wall heater.  We install many in doctors’s offices, condos, apartments, and in large homes with “empty nesters” who need only a bit more heating and cooling in a part of their home.  Most models offer the convenience of a remote control with automatic timer, so you can set it and forget it.