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10 HVAC Myths Debunked

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10 HVAC Myths Debunked

You probably want the most from your HVAC system whether it is a long winter night or the dog days of summer. Several air conditioning unit tricks and myths from less reputable sources have become popular in recent times. These tricks can sometimes end up harming your system. These are 10 HVAC myths debunked for all Bay Area residents.

Myth #1: You don’t need to change air filters regularly

The Truth: Air filters need to be changed on a regular basis and ­you c-an carry out the job on your own. Your HVAC system will run less efficiently if the filters are dirty.

Myth #2: Extreme temperature settings allows for faster comfort

The Truth: You cannot make a room hot or cold quickly by changing the thermostat setting to extreme figures. The thermostat only communicates with your HVAC system and does nothing to hasten the process.

Myth #3: You can save money by closing vents in all rooms

The Truth: This can prove to be a costly mistake. Pressure can build up in the air ducts if you don’t keep the vents open. It tends to throw off the system off balance as well.

Myth #4: You don’t need to get routine maintenance

The Truth: Routine HVAC maintenance is not an option but a necessity. It is critical to the functioning of your HVAC unit. Routine maintenance ensures that minor repairs don’t turn into major ones.

Myth #5: Bigger systems are better

The Truth: This is not true! Undersized and oversized units will short cycle. It will make your system work harder, which will increase energy bills and shorten the lifespan of your unit. Working hard doesn’t always mean that the system is working smart.

Myth #6: You can reduce energy bills by purchasing a unit with higher energy ratings

The Truth: This could be true if all parameters are met. For instance, if your house has a draft or leaks conditioned air, even the most energy-efficient systems may not be able to reduce energy bills.

Myth #7: You can save money by not turning off the unit

The Truth: Homeowners believe that it is cheaper to leave their unit on high or low (depending on the season) when they are gone out for the day or on vacation. It doesn’t cost extra to have your unit cycle on and off. You should simply turn it off completely if you want to save money.

Myth #8: You can use the fan instead of the air conditioner if it’s hot

The Truth: Fans only work to circulate air and don’t condition it. They don’t do anything to lower the room temperature.

Myth #9: Your system doesn’t need maintenance

The Truth: Even the most expensive and fanciest of HVAC units require regular maintenance to keep it working the same way. You can actually save money in the long run with routine maintenance.

Myth #10: It is efficient to keep the temperature the same all day long

The Truth: You may end up paying sky-high energy bills by keeping the temperature same during night and day. Your system uses less energy when the difference in outdoor and indoor temperature is small. You should consider getting a programmable thermostat to achieve the best balance between comfort and efficiency.

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