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Facing Frequent HVAC Troubles? Don’t Forget to Check The Ducts

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Facing Frequent HVAC Troubles? Don’t Forget to Check The Ducts

An HVAC system consists of many different parts that need to work in harmony in order to give you adequately conditioned air.

There are multiple reasons for HVAC malfunctions such as faulty motors or fans, dirty air filters and coils, faulty thermostats, wrong sized units, blocked airflow, or leaky ducts. Because ducts are not easily accessible, they often go unchecked. Any tiny problem inside the ductwork can grow over time and cause a huge repair.

Potential Problems in Ductwork

Sometimes, home owners are unable to identify a problem in the ductwork. Here are some possible things you may notice at home if your ductwork is an issue.

  1. Clogged airflow along with a musty smell in the house

Clogged ductwork does not allow conditioned air to circulate throughout the house, giving less or no air to the vents; and as very less air is being given out, your house smells musty and humid. If you notice this, it is time to check the ducts.

  1. Uneven temperature across the house

Hot and cold spots around the house could exist due to leakage in the ducts that results in conditioned air being lost to the surroundings and not reaching the desired area.

  1. Noisy system

Newer HVAC systems are quite silent. So, if you are noticing too much noise or hissing sounds, leaky ducts could be the cause.

  1. Clogged filters

Faulty ductwork can collect a lot of dirt and debris overtime. This eventually gets into the air filters, clogging them as well. Clogged air filters then cause warm or no air passing through the vents.

  1. Bad odors

Foul odors in indoor air can indicate a problem in the ductwork. Bad ducts can have moisture accumulating in them. Air passing through such ducts becomes musty and humid, causing bad smells that are released into the house through the vents. Ducts may need a thorough cleaning to get rid of moisture, dirt and bad smells.

Suggested Solutions

Once you have diagnosed the problem, you must rectify it. Here are some solutions to ductwork issues.

  1. Check duct sizing

Just like the HVAC system, the ductwork also needs to be of the appropriate size for your house. Undersized ducts will put overload your system which will have to run continuously.

  1. Check duct design

Conditioned air will not circulate well if the ducts are too long or have sharp bends. Also, if you have renovated your house or made any design changes to the layout, you may need to redesign the ductwork as well so that all rooms receive conditioned air properly.

  1. Duct inspection

Ensure that your AC technicians inspect the ductwork too, along with the regular maintenance and inspection. This makes it easier to detect any problems in the ducts before they turn into major issues and hamper smooth functioning of the system.

  1. Duct repair

Don’t allow any duct leaks go unchecked. This will greatly bring down your system’s energy efficiency and push your bills to be higher. Even with lower taxes no one wants to spend more money on energy than they have to. HVAC technicians can repair duct leaks and also add insulation.

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