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*** Green ideas, for health, our trees, employment opportunities and maintenance of household appliances helps live a happier and green-conscious life! Going Green and Loving It!

Esteem Green living – Make ADJUSTMENTS; begin mindful everyday opportunities to repair, restore, improve, reduce, or recycle and maintain a life of less stress and expense for you and your household.

There are universal solutions that can be implemented by each individual that affects humanity in a constructive, enlightening expanded way; utilizing natural resources and rethinking our daily practices and habits.

What’s in your shopping cart? Recycled packaging, or products? Much of our purchases are for foods such as meats, fruits, chicken or fish. How are these animals being fed?

If we feed our living food sources with natural grass and grain, we as humanity will be healthier and nurtured. WE WILL BE WELL-FED ONLY as well as WE FEED OUR LIVESTOCK. IF we take care of its water and feed, then in-kind it will feed and provide for us through our acts of respect and cognizance for our OWN Lives, life-giving food makes the difference.

Purchase Green-labeled products and practice environmental practicality … What does your shopping cart contain? Is it, the things that you wish to buy, buy-into: Or, the things that you desire to try-on for size? How about incorporating planet-conscious shopping into those efforts? The return benefits us all, and employs many people too!

If we ALL begin to take stock in what and how we purchase our commodities on a weekly basis; we can save the atmosphere on our planet for posterity, as we initially inherited a cleaner planet; It is our responsibility to minimize or slowly eliminate our carbon footprint.

The next generation deserves the same kindness and consideration and respect for the condition of the land, it’s natural inhabitants, and the ability to grow, healthy, quality fruits and vegetables. Our livestock also deserve to thrive as they too play a major part in the food chain for me and you.

Our oceans and lakes have gone unrecognized for too long, feeding us and many animals; serving as part of the natural, and cyclical tides of our time on earth and beyond.

It is our responsibility to restore, or in most cases prevent further damage to the ecological balance of nature. Let’s align to save the planet for our posterity. We inherited a liveable planet, we should leave them the same inheritance that we received.

Suggested approaches to participate in the fine art of Green Living:

    • Trees and natural-wood respect and appreciation; trees have better purposes for the planet. I may as well be able to add cognizance and prudence to my life and help the planet by learning, reading, banking, bill paying, and a large part of my research, writing and entertainment activity on the world-wide-web.


    • Ink cartridges from your home or industrial printers. They can be refilled at your local Walgreens, Sam’s Club and so many more retail outlets that we should take advantage of the options and benefit. It $ aves money, a refilled cartridge is less expensive than buying a new one. It saves on trash / plastic or industrial trash, waste and also, let’s face it folks we all dislike having to buy new printers with more expensive ink demands, so recycle the old cartridge, printer and labtops or PC’s too.


    • Purchase and encourage the livelihood of local farmers, support the consumption of fresh, local fruits and vegetables, patronized and transported in cloth shopping bags made of hemp or cotton that can be washed and salvaged for reuse, or a durable basket with a handle made by local artisans. Buying fresh ingredients is also an opportunity to employ local cotton growers, and craftsmen that design packaging made of natural and recycled material. Encourage the employment industry that processes and extends the life of local and seasonal legumes and citrus or fruits and vegetables that are native to your area of ​​the country. It is an all-around healthy, cost-cutting and beneficial solution; fresh fruits and vegetables also taste better and have greater health benefits as well.


    • Utilize recycling boxes that are genuinely given to you by your local community to place your recyclable glass, plastics, newspapers, junk mail or old telephone books. I am unclear as to why telephone directories are still being printed twice a year and placed on my front porch, but I always pitch it straight to the recycling bin via the box that gets filled and picked up on Wednesdays in my area.


    • It is always wise to donate your time or material goods to people or agencies that are the providing for the betterment or indemnity of local citizens. We, American citizens, have all been in a pinch at one-time or another for necessities that oftentimes we tend to take for granted as Americans in our forward-thinking economy and government, lend a hand, the hand you lend could come back to help you in your time of need or grief. Helping others helps the planet especially if you plan it and use more ways to condense and conserve raw materials to utilize less production of harmful or toxic production of more goods than you need to use.


    • When the daily chores of life arise, always be cognizant and wise in how, when and where you clean your household laundry. Can you dry some clothes outside? Can you wash bigger loads? Can you wait until you have a full-load before you use your washer, dryer or dishwashing machine? Can you wash at night or during non-peak high usage of electricity times in your area of ​​the globe?


    • Submerge and soak your laundry in items that can be found in your kitchen cupboards; just as our parents did. By soaking and waiting for the loosening of dirt and grime you actually use less liquid or powder detergent; clean and deodorize with natural products to your wash cycle, ie., baking soda will soften, whiten and aid by adding a fresh scent to your clothes. You may also launder by adding products that utilize green-inspired innovation or earth-conscious products. If I am in a pinch, I soak clothes in baking soda or white vinegar, the same ideas serve for whitening and deep cleaning. Read the ingredient panel on your laundry liquid or power.


    • Initiate physical exercise in your daily routine. Be the initiator of your lung and muscular health and increase your walking when and if you are physically able and healthy. Always check with your physician or health care provider before beginning any rigorous or unplanned exercise of greater or different habit or routine. Set goals in mind, perhaps walking for a charity event or even to retrieve recyclable items that can earn you some change, though most importantly to keep your neighborhood and local community clean and free of debris.


    • Carpool and enjoy the music or conversation with a kind, senior citizen. Many of the senior citizens in my neighborhood are dependent on a nearby neighbor to offer them transportation; to accompany you to your local grocery store or bakery. This action is very fortuitous to you and to your senior neighbor as shopping is oftentimes a tedious and boring event. Next time bring along a friend to talk to and to shop along with you saving gas and emissions to the ozone.


    • Upon road trips or errands, seek a strategy for using less gas and getting more errands done at the same time. If you want to go to the store or any of your weekly or monthly chores insist on starting your engine only upon having a mental or written list of all of the places that will be in close proximity to where your final destination leads you, remembering to cover more places with less initial travel from home, saving time, gas and appreciating the clean air that we all desire to breath by you and me leaving less exhaust emissions in the atmosphere!


    • Donate, trade, but do not sell, your gently-worn clothes to Women’s shelters; when I relocated from New Mexico to Lakeland, Florida, I insisted on knowing what agency was going to be receiving all of my donated furnishings, clothes and housewares and I did not donate anything until I knew that no sales would be involved and that things were given to people with no business profit and that would most benefit from non-government gifts. I do endorse Americans working and the clothing industry has its place and its value, thus the reasons listed above for donation only to the most-deserving.


    • Open windows, blinds and doors during the early hours of the day to allow the flow of clean, fresh air; allow air circulate; natural lighting; and appreciate nature’s free gift of refreshing gusts of wind and the cool seasonal quality of natural air. This act is great for taking a quick cat nap. Open your window by your couch or bed and you’ll appreciate a nice gust of free, clean, and healthy air!


    • Replace worn down weather stripping beneath your windows and doors, clean, renew or restore the life of windows and vents, clean-out your gutters, replace your air-conditioner filters every three months and dry linen tray often.


    • Check all electrical appliance chords, voltage, change light bulbs to the energy efficient voltage and monitor your appliance and electronics energy, turn off when not in use. Look for places to reduce usage by conserving voltage, wattage and power expectations, and functionality and maintenance, maintenance, maintenance is the key to product efficiency and longevity. Have you had your iron for 20 years or more? Check to see just how much energy it uses, you may decide it’s time to buy a new one.


    • Prepare canned jars of seasonal fruits, vegetables, marinated vegetables or olives in your home to consume again when your seasonal vegetables, jellies or homemade preserves are not seasonally available to be consumed at later time and date. Roast green peppers and chili and freeze and keep cold until you are ready to eat, usually I get the most cravings for peppers when they are not in season; hence I look in the freezer to see if I have any frozen peppers or cauliflower on hand to add to pastas or stews for more flavor and nutrition.


    • Your dish-washing machine and dryers and their motors should be treated respectfully by keeping them cleaner and running more gently in the process. Green products can help extend the life of your washer as well as clean your clothes better. Cleaning your internal mechanism of your lint filter for your dryer as well as cleaning the outer lint filter after each load of clothes helps maintain the life and effectiveness of your dryer while saving $$ money. The same rules apply for your electric lawn mower, ever thought of trading it in and buying the manual one? We did and it has worked fine and is electric and gas-free and paid for itself within the first 4 months of purchase, it’s also less bulky and takes up less space in our garage.


    • Recycle old tires, car batteries, old oil, household paint can be recycled and given to another deserving person for their auto, painting needs or give your hazardous materials to the proper authorities to dispose of properly, minimizing the effects of toxins in the environment.


  • Initiate walking versus driving for short trips. When I was teaching overseas, one of the schools were I taught was 15 blocks round-trip; great for cardio vascular health and reducing the emissions of diesel or gasoline fumes from the air. Let your own compass be your guide and increase your walking when and if you see fit.

Thank you in advance for your allowing me this forum. May this written information better serve you and be a reminder to me and you to heed to live a healthier more abundant and environmentally-respectful and conscious life for many generations to come!

*** I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously

Going Green and Loving It! RECYCLE / Maintain Home Tools and Machinery: Mindful Living and Recycling

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