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Pinpoint indoor pollutants BEFORE they become a problem

What’s in your air?Indoor Air Quality Testing South Bay Area
The AirScan Monitoring Service uses an on-site monitor to continuously evaluate indoor air pollutants such as humidity, airborne particulates, chemical VOC’s, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide levels in one-minute cycles.

Get the facts about your indoor air

AirScan pinpoints air quality problems in your home that can affect you or your family’s health, as well as their comfort and safety. After the AirScan monitor is placed in your home for a few days, the collected data is analyzed and generated into a personalized report that will pinpoint your home’s specific air quality issues.

Information you can understand and use

You’ll receive a nine to twelve page report, which contains large, easy-to-read graphs that make it easy to see how pollutant levels changed over the duration of the test.

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