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Sandium's Home Energy Audit is your way to make sure that your home is providing you and your family with a safe, healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient environment. Our comprehensive audit will pinpoint heating, cooling, insulation, and air quality issues using the latest testing and diagnostic equipment and then recommend healthy, yet cost effective solutions that will make a real difference.

By using a Whole House approach to testing, Sandium's Home Energy Audit gets straight to the heart of your energy loss issues by first identifying problem areas and then suggesting cost effective solutions to suit your priorities and budget.

Don't be Fooled by “Free" Energy Audits!

Many of these “free" audits do not do any diagnostic testing of the home. The “inspector" merely  walks through the home, counts light bulbs, and give you a verbal report.

Sandium's Whole House Inspection is the real deal. Our inspectors are highly trained and skilled. A typical inspeciton will take between  2-4 hours to complete. You will receive a comprehensive summary of the results and rebate assessment. Thousands of dollars of precision diagnostic equipment is used to analzye the health and energy performance of every “nook and cranny" of your home.

Our Comprehensive Energy Audit, will save you year-after-year!

  • Save Hundreds on Annual Utility Bills!
  • Audits Performed Using State-of-the-Art Infrared Cameras and Other Specialized Equipment For Fast, Accurate Results!
  • Includes Written Report With Results and Recommended Steps for Improving Energy Efficiency in a Safe and Cost Effective Manner!
  • All Auditors are Fully Certified, and Trained with Years of Industry Experience To Help Answer All Your Questions In a Courteous and Professional Manner!
  • Audit Includes: Testing of Home Infiltration Rates; Duct Leakage Assessments; and Infrared Scanning of Insulation to Measure Heat Loss – We Leave No Stone Unturned!
  • And NO — the furnace is NOT always the biggest source of energy inefficiency in most of the homes we test! In fact, leaky or poorly designed ducts can account for up to 30% inefficiency in your heating/cooling system and lead to hundreds of lost dollars each year!

hidden air leaks infrared scanning

  • Infrared Scanning uncovers hidden air leaks that make your home cold and drafty In the infrared photos below, insulation faults and air leaks are cooler and show up in blue. The top right infrared photos shows warm air from the home leaking out of the home between the wall and the chimney. These are the type of residential energy defects that our testing will identify and fix.

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